Do You Know When to Use Low Gear?

2020 Ram 2500 Towing a Heavy Machine

While fewer new vehicles offer manual transmissions, fun-to-drive paddle shifters are becoming more popular. Both put Charleston drivers in control of their driving experience. What is low gear in a car with a manual transmission or paddle shifters? Do you know when to use low gear? Tony T Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Orangeburg takes a look at low gear so you can make the most of your driving experience.

What is Low Gear in a Car?

Low gear is often called first gear by Columbia drivers. It restricts the amount of fuel injected into the engine when you need less speed and more torque. Many drivers might hesitate to use it because they don’t know when to use low gear. Here are some times when you can benefit from using low gear:

When to Use Low Gear

With an automatic transmission the gears shift automatically when you drive on Lexington streets. Your transmission is programmed to know when to use low gear based on how you press the gas pedal. Here’s when to manually shift into low gear:

  1. Towing — Torque power makes towing easier, so you might want to shift into low gear when you’re towing a trailer or boat. Take a look at your vehicle’s owner’s manual so you can get familiar with any speed limitations your vehicle will have in first gear. And of course, make sure your vehicle is capable of towing.
  2. Steep Inclines — This is another situation where a boost in torque will help because it will keep you from stressing your engine.
  1. Long Declines — You don’t want to zoom down long hills, especially when they’re steep. First gear will keep you at a slow and steady pace that protects your transmission and brakes.

If you use your Jeep for off-road adventures, you’ll likely use first gear more often than you do on Orangeburg streets.

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